What is Human Resource

What is Human Resource


Human Resource

What is Human Resource

Human resources are used to describe people who work for a business or
organization and service responsible for managing resources related to
employees. The term human resources was coined for the first time in years
labor relations have started to attract attention and when concepts such as motivation,
organizational behavior and selection assessments began to take shape.
Human resource management is a general contemporary term used to describe
Management and development of employees in an organization. Also called personal or
talent management (although these terms are a bit outdated), human resources
management involves the supervision of everything related to the management of a human organization
capital city.

Focus on human resources management

Human resources management involves the development and administration of programs
designed to increase the efficiency of an organization or business. Includes the
full spectrum of creation, management and culture of the employer-employee

For most organizations, agencies and companies, the human resources department
is responsible for:

• Management of recruitment, selection and promotion of jobs.
• Development and supervision of employee benefit and wellness programs.
• Develop, promote and apply personnel policies.
• Promote employee professional development and professional training.
• Offer orientation programs for new employees.
• Provide advice on disciplinary measures.
• Serve as primary contact for injuries or accidents in the workplace.

Human resources management is:

Respond to current employee concerns: unlike business leaders who oversee
Employees’ daily work, human resources departments deal with employee concerns, such as
benefits, salary, employee investments, pension plans and training. Your work can also
they understand how to resolve conflicts between employees or between employees and their managers.
Acquisition of new employees: the human resources management team is recruiting potential
employees, oversees the hiring process (background checks, drug testing, etc.), and
Provides advice to new employees.
Managing the employee separation process: the human resources management team must
Perform a specific set of tasks if an employee leaves, is fired, or is fired. paperwork
must be completed to ensure that the process has been legally completed. Compensation can
must be offered or negotiated, benefits must be established and company resources must be accessible
be cut through the collection of keys, badges, computers or sensitive materials from the
Improved morale: effective human resources teams encourage company employees to do their best,
which contributes to the overall success of the company. His work often involves
Reward employees for good performance and create a positive work environment.
Therefore, human resource management focuses on a number of main areas,
• Recruitment and hiring of personnel.
• Compensation and benefits
• Training and learning.
• Work and labor relations.
• Organizational development