Hiring Geeks That Fit

Price: $14.99
(as of Feb 11,2021 20:25:24 UTC – Details)

KNOWLEDGE WORKERS – our geeks – are different from skill-based staff, which makes hiring great ones elusive at best. But whether you’re a manager or team member, this is the single most important decision you can make due to its long-lasting impact. Because GREAT GEEKS adapt their knowledge to your context, one developer or technical manager is NOT interchangeable with another. HIRING THE RIGHT GEEKS, the ones who fit your culture, requires you to analyze your culture, determine your problems, and define the essential qualities you want in your candidates. HIRING GEEKS THAT FIT removes the guesswork from the hiring process, reduces your risk for costly hiring mistakes…and allows you to find the absolute best person for the job. So, strategize, analyze, and hire the best! Hiring Geeks That Fit will help you: 1. Understand your culture to build a strong hiring foundation. 2. Develop the best hiring strategy. 3. Analyze your open position. What’s really essential? 4. Develop effective ads for different mediums, like social media and user groups. 5. Develop behavior-description questions to differentiate the talkers from those who’ve actually done work that’s relevant to your needs. 6. Use those questions in phone-screens, in-person interviews, and references. 7. Treat candidates with respect, so even those you reject are potential referrals. 8. Create great first-day hire experiences so your new hire doesn’t keep looking. . . AND MUCH MORE!

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