Hiring Manager And Vendors

  • Hiring manager The manager who take final interview of our candidates at the client site. It may be on phone or face  to face/In person.
  • Vendors (Agency who marketing the resume): Some companies hire or sponsor H1bs candidates on their payroll and market these candidates to us. We can easily get these candidates from these type of vendors companies and we can submit them to our client. We work at corp to corp (C2C) rates with these companies. We do not discuss the hourly rate with candidates in case of C2C.

Vendors Hotlist: These Vendors companies market their candidates through hotlists. They send their available candidates hotlist to recruiter on daily basis.

Sample Of Vendor Hotlist: see in email

  • Competitor Vendors

These are our competitors. Client provides the same requirement to many other vendors (including ourselves) to work on. It is important we work smarter than our competitors. One way is to make sure we get to the candidates before they do. The vendor who gets to the candidate first and submits them can be the only vendor who can deal with the client for that particular candidate. If we submit the same candidate (even though we may have a lower rate) we will not be able to submit, because candidate may say I have already applied for this requirement. So it is CRITICAL to get to the candidate before others. If we submit same candidate which our competitors has already submitted for the same. It will be Rejected by the client and it called duplicate submission.

  • VMS (Vendor Management System) – Chimes

VMS is a website (online software) that client like Perot Systems and Sabre use to manage their vendors (like us and other Vendors). The Chimes system is also called the VMS (Vendor Management System). They also manage the contract labor force (candidates places as contractors) making it very easy on Perot Systems. Sometime we have to deal with the client though VMS only.

E In this case account manager get requirement from the client VMS web portal, he submit the resume though VMS only and he get all the updates regarding candidates and requirements from the client from VMS job portal.

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