Recruitment Life Cycle

Recruitment Life Cycle – The Recruiter is involved in the following steps while doing recruitment work. This is called Start to finish whole life cycle of recruitment process.

Step 1Getting requirement from the client
Step 2Account manager/ Team lead forward it to recruiter
Step 3Complete the requirement after discussion
Step 4Search the resumes
Step 5Review/Analyze the resume
Step 6Send requirement to the candidate (Email)
Step 7Interview the candidate on phone (by recruiter)
Step 8Take the required details from candidate (Fill submission sheet)
Step 9Get the Rate Confirmation in email from CandidateGet the Rate Confirmation in email from Vendor
Step 10Submission to A/C manager (Email submission sheet with resume)
Step 11Feedback – Resume Rejected (what Reason)Selected for Interview
Step 12Client Interview Request – telephonic
Step 13(after telephonic Interview) Client Feedback – candidate Rejected -(what Reason)Selected for next Interview
Step 14Client 2nd Interview Request – telephonic/Skype/F2F
Step 15Feedback candidate Rejected (what Reason)Client Selected the Candidate for Hiring
Step 16Client Selected the Candidate- Start Paperwork, Background Check, Drug Test
Step 17Client send Joining details confirm with candidate
Step 18Joining of the candidate at client site
Step 19Congratulations email By manager
Non-IT Recruitment includes many sector, it’s a very vast field. Sectors like: Banking & Insurance, Retail, Pharmaceuticals/Health care, Aviation, Manufacturing, Chemical/Petrochemical, Construction, Advt./Mass Communication/event Management comes under Non-IT Recruitment. IT Recruitment is basically for Software Companies. An It Recruiter deals different types of IT requirements i.e. requirements related to different IT skills or technologies such as: Java, .Net, Oracle, SAP, Embedded, Linux, UNIX, HTML, DHTML, and XML etc. One should have knowledge of all these technologies to work as IT recruiter.  

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